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Faenza and Faeince

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Faenza o Faience sinonimo di ceramica

Faenza or Faience are sinonimous of ceramics.

The ceramic history has ancient origins, that they can be confused with human origins. It is a history of a human jealous isolated work, set up by a  to be repeated of  technical knowledge, capability and materials, but also loss, recovery and newness. Discovery of both different useobject  and work of art, from  humble and anonymous artisans and famous artists.

Faenza is sinonimous of ceramics or majolica all over the world, but first of all it is the town where this ancient craft was handed down regularly until now.

The historical production of majolica is recognized all over the world as one of most high moment of artistic creativity expressed  through ceramic material. This tradition was borne by different favourable situations such as: earth rich of clay, constant commercial and political relation with Tuscany and a great sensibility and aptitude through this form of art.

Ente Ceramica (http://www.enteceramica.it/)

This association was founded in 1977 with the aim of fostering Faenza's ceramics trademark. Today, its main goal is to promote Faenza's artistic, handicraft and design ceramic production, both in Italy and abroad. Ente Ceramica is made up of artisans, artists and ceramics experts.


Ente Ceramica 's brand

Faenza Highlights

  • Piazza della Libertà - Piazza del Popolo

The International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza represents the greatest collection of ceramics in the world. The culture of ceramics from all over the world is shown in a display spanning centuries. In addition to the wide range of Italian and European ceramics dating from the Renaissance to the present day, visitors can also enjoy the collections of pre-Columbian American and Asian material. Contemporary Italian and International art by the most important artists of the 20th century is also represented.

Currently over 3,500 works are displayed on a permanent basis in 9,000 square metres of exhibition space.

  • Palazzo Milzetti
  • Palazzo delle Esposizioni




Ceramiche artistiche Ricciardelli Liliana
 via S. Lucia n. 77 -48018 Faenza (Ra) - Italy - Cell. 339-8132443 Tel-fax. 0546-32426
e.mail: liliana.ricciardelli@libero.it
P.IVA  00895950392  Associato Ente Ceramica