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via S. Lucia n. 77 -48018 Faenza (Ra) - Italy-
Cell. 339-8132443 Tel-fax. 0546-32426
e.mail: liliana.ricciardelli@libero.it

P.IVA  00895950392
Associato Ente Ceramica 

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Since Ricciardelli Liliana was young, she has worked at workshop where she mastered the craft, like in the Renaissance tradition.

garofano3In 1984 Ricciardelli Liliana opened her own workshop where she produces Faience majolica. Made and painted entirely by hand, in a quest for quality and with painstaking care taken over detail, these items satisfy the requirements of both utility and design.

vaso arabescque

A passion for art has led Liliana to dedicate her work to ceramics of contemporary workmanship, as well as reproducing the traditional decorations which have made Faenza famous over the centuries.

Since 1985, she has taken part in the exhibition “Estate Ceramica” of Faenza and in the initiatives
organised by the Ente Ceramica and the International Museum of Ceramics (Mic) both in Italy and in the world.

She has attended drawing course, in particular (course) of portrait (painting) and landscape painting learned by Maestro Sante Ghinassi and organized by the professional institute in Faenza.


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Ceramiche artistiche Ricciardelli Liliana
 via S. Lucia n. 77 -48018 Faenza (Ra) - Italy - Cell. 339-8132443 Tel-fax. 0546-32426
e.mail: liliana.ricciardelli@libero.it
P.IVA  00895950392  Associato Ente Ceramica