Ceramic Art
Ricciardelli Liliana

via S. Lucia n. 77 -48018 Faenza (Ra) - Italy- 
Mobile phone: 339-8132443 Telephone-fax. 0546-32426
e.mail: liliana.ricciardelli@libero.it




The workshop is in Ricciardelli’s house:

Via S. Lucia n. 77 - Faenza (RA) Italy
telephone/fax:  +39-0546-32426
mobile phone: 339 - 8132443
e-mail: liliana.ricciardelli@libero.it

Map of Faenza - City Center.pdf

How to reach us (map.pdf)
The city of Faenza is located in the south-eastern part of the Region of Emilia-Romagna in the province of Ravenna (about 35 km away) and about halfway between Bologna (km 55) and Rimini (km 70).

By car:

Faenza is located on Via Emilia and the A14 motorway (Bologna-FAENZA-Rimini-Ancona), south-east on the continuance of the A1 motorway Milano-Bologna

From Bologna or Rimini: A14 Motorway (Faenza exit) or State highway n. 9 "Via Emilia". From Florence or Ravenna: State highway n. 302 "Faentina.

From City Center (Piazza del Popolo) to Ricciardelli's workshop (via S. Lucia 77):

  • from Piazza del Popolo straight on Corso Saffi
  • at the first trafic lights straight on
  • cross the bridge (Ponte delle Grazie)
  • turn on the right (via U. Piazza)
  • at the roundabout straight on
  • straight on (via S. Lucia)
  • on the left: Ricciardelli's workshop (near Restaurant "La Pavona")

By train:

Faenza is situated on the Milano-Bologna-FAENZA-Rimini-Ancona-Lecce.


Faenza is also connected to Ravenna (the Ravenna - Faenza line).

By plane:

International airports nearby include:
"G. Marconi" Airport - Bologna (60 Km.)
Miramare Airport - Rimini (70 Km.)
"L. Ridolfi" Airport - Forlė (20 Km.)

Opening hours
The workshop is always open (Sunday and bank holiday included) even if we suggest to get in touch before getting in workshop in order to know accessibility of the ceramist. (telephone: +39-0546-32426 or mobile 339-8132443)

Ricciardelli’s products are available in shopfittings, shops of household articles and pottery shops. You can find a huge selection of Ricciardelli’s object at:

Ceramiche Artistiche Marianna Bacchini (in the city center)
via Barilotti, 3  (beside the Cathedral of Faenza) tel. +39 -0546-662563 (open Sunday and bank holiday)


Torre degli asinelliThe two towers
strada Maggiore, 2 Bologna (Italy)

Map italia - Faenza

Ceramiche artistiche Ricciardelli Liliana
 via S. Lucia n. 77 -48018 Faenza (Ra) - Italy - Mobile Phone: 339-8132443 Telephone-fax. 0546-32426
e.mail: liliana.ricciardelli@libero.it
P.IVA  00895950392  Associato Ente Ceramica