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Ricciardelli Liliana

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Ricciardelli’s products are classified as “majolica or faience” that means products obtained by objects that during the firing result of a porous and absorbing structure with different colours for oxides in the clay. These products are covered by a glaze and transparent enamel. Temperature of firing: 900° C – 950°C.

First phase: the clay take shape and the “biscuit”

Ricciardelli workshop buy the “biscuit” from “tornianti” (who lathes the clay in order to shape it). The term “biscotto” means an rose-coloured object, that it is shaped with clay and firing for the first time at 950 e i 980 °C.

Second phase: glaze and décor

decorIn the workshop, the “biscuit” is immersed in a covering, called “smalto” (in English “glaze”). When the glazed object is dry, Ricciardelli paints it with a thin brush. 
The colours used are powder but adding water it is possible use brush to paint.
If you touch the product now it is like covered by powder!

Third phase: the second firing

The painted object is put inside a kiln for the second time at 920°C, previously application of “cristallina” in order to get the product bright.

After firing the colour are different than they are before it, for example blu is violet before firing.

Fourth phase: the third firing

For decor with application of gold, silver or other iridescence it need a third firing, as result we can use the term product in third firing to indicate, for example, décor “Melograno” (in English “pomegranate”) or "Arabesque".

Ceramiche artistiche Ricciardelli Liliana
 via S. Lucia n. 77 -48018 Faenza (Ra) - Italy - Cell. 339-8132443 Tel-fax. 0546-32426
e.mail: liliana.ricciardelli@libero.it
P.IVA  00895950392  Associato Ente Ceramica